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Why Grannylue?

Here we are! Grannylue and Claude, her husband:



Meet Claude and Lucille Bailles



OUR STORY: After working for over 13 years, as an international marketing executive, for a famous blade and razor company, successively in Paris, in London and finally in Boston, I decided to settle in this country that I love. I started my own business from scratch. You know... the American dream... freedom and opportunity... I am living it! That is when I met Lucille and made her my lovely wife. For the next 20 years we ran our own manufacturing and marketing business. Then we decided to leave the Northeast and to move South. That is why we purchased a farm in Middle South Tennessee. We soon started raising Blackbelly Barbados hair sheep (no, not all sheep have wool!), ducks and chickens. We also started growing herbs, lots of herbs for our good health and for our culinary pleasure. Everything we produce is raised or grown naturally. This new experience brought us a lot of joy and satisfaction. It brought Lucille and me closer to nature, closer to God and back to reality. About four years ago, we joined the Internet and started looking for a home-based business that would be simple and easy to run, as well as, profitable. We investigated a lot of opportunities. We are now working as independent affiliates with a company on the cutting edge of streaming video communications.






We think the Internet revolution is irreversible and we did not want to be left behind.



Combining the "good common sense" of farmers with leading edge Internet technology and an extensive marketing experience in the brick and mortar world, we can help you become a home-based parent and a successful home-based business owner.

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