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You are warmly welcome to visit our home website and to visit it again and again as we update it periodically.

Here you will read about our farm. You will see American Blackbelly (formerly called Barbados) hair sheep that we raise naturally. Many pictures of them are displayed for your enjoyment.

  We currently have eight beautiful AKC registered all white Great Pyrenees puppies, five females and three males for sale.  

For details please visit our page "Puppies to go".

To come later: you will read about our favorite culinary herbs and how we grow them, naturally.
We will also tell you how we use them in teas, cooking recipes and house decorations.

Our recipes page puts the emphasis on lamb cooking recipes and simplified, more healthy recipes (lower fat and lower sugar) in general. You might detect some light French influence on our recipes.

Without our favorite quotes and food for thought page this web site would have been incomplete. Your comments will always be appreciated.

Interested in purchasing any of our products or looking for more information?  Please leave a message for us at our "contact us" page and we will get back to you.

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